Blogger Or WordPress- Which Should You Choose


Choosing the right blogging platform is an important task when you have decided to become a serious blogger. You need to have a platform that offers you the liberty to modify, redesign and change your blog at any stage. The two major blogging platforms that are chosen are WordPress and Blogger. Both are very popular and highly appreciated by bloggers.

It will be useful for beginners to have a wordpress vs blogger compare study so that they can understand the advantages of both. Lots of related informative articles are there in and other sites. You have to take some time to do your research properly before deciding on which platform to adopt.

Things to consider before selecting the platform

Are you a novice or an advanced blogger?
The platform for a novice will not be useful for an experienced /advanced blogger. So the features of the blogging platform have to be studied in detail.

Should the platform have eye-catching features alone or should it have provision for detailing?
In the beginning, you may look for a platform that makes your blog look appealing and attractive. Later on, you may need new designing.

What is the purpose of your blog?
If you are somebody who is expecting a large follower group, you cannot choose a platform that is for users who only want to make an online presence. You should choose a platform that has a broad reach.

Blogger Vs WordPress – A short comparison

Good for novice bloggers. Blogger is an excellent platform for novice users. Advanced users will not have many advantages with this as there are limitations to the templates and designing capacity. Although it is free of cost, Blogger is owned by Google.Hence there is only limited control by the blog owner. Google can decide when to reject the blog or close it down if the standards are not met. As a beginner, blogger is great as it is a free platform with easy instructions. The setting up of a blog is extremely easy and as there are free templates with various designs.

Wordpress is a much more sophisticated blogging platform. It can be completely controlled by the blogger himself. If you are an advanced blogger, you will have several options to design the template yourself. You can also have your domain name. There will be no supervision on what you are publishing or how you are designing the blog. You will have to pay for hosting; however, it is a nominal rate.

To get a definite idea after a few months of how the platform is working out for your blog, watch the reviews.Your readers evaluate every word in your blog. To get better at being a blogger, you must know how your blog is being received by the readers. Keep constant checks on the reviews to be aware of their opinions. Reply to comments to give them personalized attention. There will be hints in the comments and reviews of readers which will give you an idea if the platform is serving all their requirements.

A Complete Guide For Buying A Perfect Spy Camera

Spy Camera

Spy cameras are small hidden cameras which are capable of capturing videos or happenings of theft. It is possible to take videos without relieving one’s true identity. Spy cameras are used for security reasons and also for capturing funny pet videos. They come in a wide range of size, quality and prize. They are available in electronic stores and also online through sites like According to, it is important to check for the jurisdiction of laws before buying a spy camera as it is illegal to capture individuals without their knowledge.

It is possible to incorporate spy cameras with an item like pens, screw holes; toys, etc. There are several types of spy cameras available in the market. The article below serves as a complete guide to buying an appropriate spy camera based on your need.

Disguised Spy Cameras
These spy cameras are used so that the real identity of the person using it can be hidden. The following cameras fall under the category of disguised spy cameras

Nanny Cameras
They are the most common spy camera which is mostly used by ordinary people. It helps people to monitor the nannies who take care of their babies or older adults at home. Usually, these types of cameras are hidden inside a toy or doll and placed on a desk or shelf so that it targets the caretaker.

Spy Clocks
These clocks come with a camera inside it which is hidden. Hidden cameras are fitted in both modern and antique clocks.

Picture Frame Cameras
Spy cameras are also placed inside a digital picture frame. It is easy to identify the camera inside a digital camera due to the additional light from it.

Wearable Spy Cameras
There are spy cameras which are wearable. This type of camera is used by reporters, detective agency, etc. to gather information about a crime.

Standalone Spy Cameras
A standalone camera can be hidden by the buyer in toys, clothing, etc. These cameras are suitable for people who cannot afford to buy a pre-disguised spy camera. The buyer should disguise standalone cameras.

Spy Web Cameras
These Spy cameras are used to capture video and stream it online at the same time. It is similar to a regular camera, but the cameras are used to capture video without the consent of the others. These cameras are suitable for home surveillance.

Choosing A Right Spy Camera
Selecting a suitable camera is based on the following aspects
· You should be clear with its intended use
· You should be aware of the features included in it
· Decide on how the spy camera is placed wearable or hidden inside a solid object.

The cost of a spy camera varies based on the quality and the brand you prefer. The buyer should be specific on the required features when he is on a budget. It is better to buy a used camera for people who do not want to invest more money in the purchase of a new spy camera. Used cameras can be purchased directly from owners, or you can also purchase refurbished spy cameras.

Buy The Best Routers And Extenders

A lot of people do not know about the best ways as well as methods to setup WiFi extenders with Wi-Fi routers. It has been stated by a number of well-known as well as trusted sites such as that you must always buy compatible routers and extenders. The basic reason because of which you buy a Wi-Fi extender or router is to make sure that the quality, as well as the strength of the Wi-Fi signals to all parts of your home or office, is brilliant. It is done in order to get awesome quality internet at all times.

The thing is that the wireless router that you buy and use must be very highly rated by the people who have bought and used it in the past. If this is not the case, then you can have a number of problems in the times to come because the makers of all Wi-Fi routers will claim their product to be the best. But the obvious thing is that not all Wi-Fi routers can be the best in terms of quality as well as longevity. So, please see to it that you make the best possible choice at times during the process of choosing as well as buying the Wi-Fi router for your home or office.

The thing is that once you have gone ahead and bought a Wi-Fi router of awesome quality, you must try to look for a Wi-Fi extender that is very well matched to the router. In case the Wi-Fi extender is not very well matched to the router, the overall quality, as well as the strength of the signal, will never be as per your needs and desires. It will be a good idea if you spend as much time as possible on finding out the various brands as well as models of extenders that suits the router which you have bought. This will make things very easy for you at the time of selection.

You will also need to make sure that the price of the router as well as extender that you buy and use is well within your budget. It will not at all be wrong to say that there are far too many brands as well as models of Wi-Fi extenders and routers that can be bought at a very low price. Please see to it that you do not shy away from making use of those extenders and routers for your home as well as the office. In the long run, you will be able to enjoy the awesomeness of high-quality data connection which is not only quick but also available for a wide range of distance in your home.

It has been stated by a number of experts in the past that buying a combo of Wi-Fi router and Wi-Fi range extender can be an excellent idea. It has to be said that if you make use of this strategy, then you will not even have to spend too much time on researching for stuff. So, please make use of this strategy.